Exhaust gas return system

Proven world-wide by millions, emission control components from Pierburg are used today in modern vehicles to keep the air and the environment clean.

Through the exhaust gas return system and the secondary air system already up to 50% of the emissions in the exhaust gas are eliminated before they reach the catalyst. The most of these components are controlled by the On-Board Diagnosis (OBD)-system.

EGR valves

  • 95 types of electric and pneumatic EGR valves in our product range.
  • Faulty EGR valves become evident through customer complaints such as
    black smoke, power loss, poor idling or insufficient acceleration.
  • Pierburg EGR valves cannot be replaced by other suppliers.
  • Every modern diesel engine is equipped with an EGR valve.

EGR cooler

  • Targeted cooling of the recirculated exhaust gases.
  • The cooled exhaust gas recirculation reduces the temperatures in the combustion chamber, as well as the level of nitrogen oxide formation.
  • The lamella geometry developed by Pierburg reduces the danger of sooting in the radiator.
  • With or without pneumatic bypass flap.
  • Including with oil cooler and oil filter in one component.

Air mass sensors

  • “Sought-after product” in triedand-tested quality.
  • Convincing product portfolio for many vehicle types.
  • OE applications for Mercedes-Benz, Vauxhall, VW and Peugeot.
  • Pierburg air mass sensors can replace models by all other manufacturers.
  • Extremely simple replacement thanks to PIERBURG plug-in sensors..

Elektropneumatic valves

  • For the precise control of pneumatic EGR valves.
  • For controlling exhaust gas flaps / regulating throttles.

Secondary air system

Secondary air pumps

  • 30 versions in our range.
  • Pierburg secondary air pumps cannot be replaced by other suppliers.
  • Faulty secondary air pumps become evident through customer complaints
    such as whistling noises or unsteady idling during the cold start phase of
    the engine.
  • The secondary air valve must also be checked when the pump is replaced.

Secondary air valves

  • Our product range includes around 20 valve versions.
  • Pierburg secondary air valves cannot be replaced by other suppliers.

Electric valves

  • For precisely controlling pneumatic secondary air valves.