Product range

  • Electrical water circulating pump

Product in focus – advantages

Water circulating pumps are used where cooling or heating functions need to be performed independently of the engine‘s coolant circuit.

PIERBURG has retained a leading market position since 1996 with its electronic water circulating pump.

The delivery rate of this water circulating pump does not depend on the vehicle‘s engine speed. This gives rise to a whole host of application possibilities:

  • For heating support, residual heat extraction and pre-heating
  • As a cooling application for turbochargers, power electronics and exhaust gas recirculation
  • For cooling drives and batteries in electric vehicles
  • As a heating circuit pump in photovoltaics
  • Gearbox cooling

Additional advantages include:

  • Continuous adjustment through actuation via pulse width modulation (pulse duty factor)
  • Delivery rate wholly independent of the engine speed of the vehicle
  • Highly even running and quiet operation


The electrical water circulating pump is a high-performance pump with small dimensions. It works as a centrifugal pump with electronically commutated engine, which does not require additional sealing. The pump drive and pump system are hermetically separated.

Since 2011 the 3rd generation has been built; the youngest version has the ability to diagnose its operating state and control of the engine speed.